Fashion Trends 2013 – Spring/Summer Fashion (Part 1)

24 February

Fashion Trends 2013



No need to pay for a personal stylist when you can spend that money on brand new clothing and accessories. I’ll cover some of the hottest spring and summer fashion trends for both men and women in 2013. This year it’s all about adding flash and pizzaz to your closet without being too overzealous. By adding the right amount of flamboyance to your outfit separates the trendsetters from the trend-forgetters.


Future Retro



80’s Fashion


80's Fashion Trends


The 1980’s was a decade of egotistical expression and fast pace fashion trends. What better way to express yourself than through the way you dress? Everything was overboard, but in a good — enough is never enough sort of way. Big rock star hair, gigantic yellow gold jewelry, shredded stonewash denim, and bright colors turned the 80’s fashion into a kaleidoscope. Retro 80’s clothing has been popular for the past few years, but in 2013, it’s time to revamp the entire look with a futuristic touch.


Customizing Your 80’s Denim Look


80's Fashion Retro Bleached Jeans


You have a pair of stonewashed jeans straight from a 1985 yearbook. Let’s press the fast forward button and add some 22nd century style to your denims. You probably have most of the following items around your house already to give a pair of new or well worn jeans a boost of excitement. Here’s what you’ll need:

    One sided razor blade
    Spray bottle
    Glue gun
    Spray Paint
    Another pair of different color jeans


To give your jeans a distressed denim look, use the scissors to make symmetrical 2 inch cuts (vertical or horizontal) on the leg area of the jeans. Less is more, so don’t go swiss cheese on your slacks. You can place cuts near the crotch and butt if you want, but unless you want to show the public your privates, this is were the 2nd pair of jeans come in handy.

Use the scissors to cut 4 by 4 inch squares from the other pair of denims. We will be using the squares to make patches but that will come later. Now get your one sided razor and hold it sideways to the 2 inch cuts we made earlier. Brush across the cuts in the jeans until the material gets a fuzzy worn look and the threads start to separate.

Next, fill up the spray bottle with half a cup water and a half a cup of bleach. Lay your jeans flat on newspaper, and spray along the front and back of the jeans sparingly. The more of a bleached look you want, the more you will spray. Allow your jeans to dry for roughly 2 hours. Now we will add a graffiti look with the spray paint. Using a quick swiping motion, aim the nozzle at your jeans and spray in quick bursts from about 1 foot away. You can spray the front and back of the jeans if you want and use as much spray paint as you prefer, but once again, remember less is more. Allow the jeans to dry for an additional 2 hours.

We’re almost done! Get out your marker, glue gun, and studs to really skyrocket your fashion style. Studs look great around the front and back pocket area, so using the marker, make patterned dots where you want the studs to be placed. Grab your glue gun, and lightly apply drops of glue on the dots that you made with the marker. You don’t want to do too many glue drops at one time (no more than 2 or 3), since it will dry pretty fast. Place the studs one by one on the drops of glue and apply pressure for at least 5 seconds until the studs are secure.

These last two steps are optional. Using the needle, thread, and 4 x 4 patches we made earlier, turn your jeans inside out. Select which cuts you made with the scissors that you want to cover. Completely cover the cuts with the patches face first and sew them onto the jeans. Unless you are glittery kind of guy, the men are done with customizing and are ready to toss your slacks in the wash (cold water).

Ladies, get your glue gun back out and grab the glitter. Apply 1 strip at a time of glue on your jeans, and pour the glitter on the strips of glue. Any extra glitter left over can be reused. Repeat the same step with the glitter and glue until you’ve reached your desired look. Allow the glue to dry for half an hour and then wash your jeans in cold water. All done! The 1980’s are now in the future! Enjoy your new 80’s fashion futuristic jeans.

New Style Tip: When it gets too hot to wear your newly customized jeans, grab a pair of scissors, and cut the legs to your desired length. Now you have custom denim shorts! 😀


80's Fashion Retro Studded Distressed Shorts


Next up… Part 2: 90’s Fashion