Fashion Trends 2013 – 90’s Fashion (Part 2)

5 March

90’s Fashion Trends

In Part 1 of Fashion Trends 2013, I covered hot 80’s fashion for spring and summer. Fast forward a decade to the glorious 1990’s and take a look at what fashion trends are back in style this year. Lace up your Jodeci boots and let’s get 90’s swagged out.

Starter Jackets

Starter Jacket Pullover

Pullover Starter jackets that rep your favorite sports team is a trend that is back in style for 2013. With spring coming up it’s only a limited amount of time left to rock your Starter jacket, but when fall 2013 comes around it’ll be time to pull the pullover out the closet.

Herringbone Chains

Herringbone Chain

When it came to ballerific herringbone chains in the 1990’s, bigger was way better. You didn’t want to get caught in the club with the thinnest bone on and definitely not a fake one. Look for herringbone’s to make a return this year on the necks of the most fashionable. The chain is very easy to damage and kink, so be careful not to snag it on your shirt or other pieces of clothing. The herringbone is best worn with a dark t-shirt to really make the chain stand out and make a fashion statement.

Big Gold Hoop Earrings

Gold Hoop Earrings
A hot 90’s fashion accessory to make a comeback for the ladies this year are big gold hoops. They look good with any outfit and add flair to your style. You can find big gold hoops at almost any women’s accessories store in the mall for under $10.