Converse All Star REtR0 WHOA!

20 January

Converse All Star Chuck Taylor Retro WHOA has a feature on their site that lets you design your own pair of sneakers from scratch. You can easily standout in a crowd of 1 color Chucks with a couple clicks of creativity. Some of the shoe styles you can customize include the classic Converse All Star Chuck Taylor in leather or canvas, Poorman Weapon’s, and Star Player Hi’s.

My creation is the skull and bone patterned REtr0 WHOA! canvas All Star High Tops in black, white, and red. You can own the meanest pair of Chucks to EVER hit the concrete by going here… Converse REtr0 WHOA! by Justin Style

Just click “Add To Cart” and select your size. Price $70

Converse All Star Chuck Taylor High Top Retro WHOA